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Normal Tyrannosaurus Rex by ThatWhiteFox
Normal Tyrannosaurus Rex
This is an accurate sculpt of a T-Rex, pre-UVing and textures. Before I start adding cybernetic enhancements.
Rigby by ThatWhiteFox
Another older piece, back when I was a lot more patient, and obsessed with detail. There's a fine balance between when to start detailing and when not to. I remember learning how silhouettes worked while making this piece, as originally, his legs were switched. The silhouette remained the same, but his torso looked incredibly twisted. But now that I think about it, that might have made the piece more interesting. Lessons learned: on the focal point of the composition, DO NOT add in detail for the sake of adding in detail. A simplified background would have sufficed and made the piece appear more 3D. That level of detail should have been placed under his feet. More complexity = closer to viewer. Less complexity = further away from viewer. Still proud of this one, though. Funny to think that this is me a year after I'd started drawing, right at the end of the Old School Furry art movement.
Ferrets by ThatWhiteFox
Some ferrets I drew. I gave them to my mom's boyfriend's kids, whose pet ferrets had died a week prior.
Angel Fox by ThatWhiteFox
Angel Fox
Another older piece. At the time, I was really into Renaissance artwork, and how the greats rendered the human form, so naturally, I tried to carry that over to my furry art. It makes me a little angry looking at this, realizing that I used to just absolutely tear myself apart about how I felt about myself as an artist. While by no means am I the greatest artist in the world, the thoughts I carried about myself - my self-confidence back then, or rather, lack thereof, was simply unjustified. Lesson learned? It's always good to strive to improve. It's never good to put yourself down, especially if it's out of a sense of self-hate or jealousy. 
Does anyone use Manga Studio 5? How do I turn on the opacity slider for the layers? I have somehow turned it off and I cannot figure out how to turn it back on again. Thanks in advance.

tl;dr I figured it out. If anyone gets this error, let me know.


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United States
I am an illustrator who works both in traditional and digital media - I enjoy designing characters, both in 2D and in 3D, in applications such as Maya and Zbrush.

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